We were in a bind to clean out my ex-husband's apartment in Florida who passed away in December. He was a hoarder and lived there 20 years. I called around was told I had to go through the city. Coral Springs only had a couple of approved places and I would have had to apply for a permit to use one of them. Plus they were very expensive. I live in GA and had only planned 6 days for clean-up -- did not have time to apply for a permit. I called all the places the City recommended. For whatever reason, they just were a hassle. I looked up trash removal on Home Adviser and found TigerShark Junk Removal. They have smaller dumpsters and do not require a permit and they also offered dumpsters with labor which we really, really needed. Administrator, Shelly, was so unbelievably helpful as was Edwin, the owner. Shelly was excellent in keeping in touch and scheduling dumpsters/labor. She was just such a delightful and cheerful person and a pleasure to deal with. Edwin worked like a dog, even with a sprained ankle the second day they came out. If you have any kind of junk you need removed, call Tiger Shark. You will not be disappointed! The rock.

Cort M.| Coral Springs, FL